The CARBO-Tech Type CU collector is a highly efficient dust collector which uses cartridge type filter media elements and high pressure reverse air cleaning. The cartridge unit is used extensively in blast cleaning, welding shops and many other nuisance ventilation applications.

Dust Laden gas enters the dust collector directly into the hopper. As gas flows up and through the cartridges, dust is deposited on the outside filter media area.

Cleaned gas passes through the open top of the cartridge, through the venturi and into the clean air plenum. Periodically, a row of cartridges is pulsed with a reverse jet of high pressure air which dislodges collected dust into the hopper. The sequential cleaning cycle can be initiated either on a timed basis or by a high pressure signal.

Single cartridge units can handle volumes from 400 to 30,000 cfm. Special designs can be engineered to suit any application.

Typical Applications

Blast cleaning
Welding fume
Foundry dust
Turbine intake
Air filtration