The Type TS scrubber is a versatile, low pressure-drop scrubber, suitable for a broad range of applications where extremely efficient capture of dust above the submicron range is required. This unit is also suitable for the absorbtion of gas and vapours such as SO2, HF, HCI, NH3, and CI2 and for stripping SO2.

The scrubber can be fitted with either a perforated turbulent contact tray or target type tray. The perforated type tray contains a multitude of orifices. The target type tray is similar but has targets located over each orifice. Targets improve dust collection efficiency because dust impinges directly on the submerged target which is then washed away by flowing liquor.

Other types of trays and one or more stages can be incorporated into the TS scrubber, depending on application requirements. The scrubber can handle recycled streams containing 2% solids.

In operation, dirty gas enters the bottom of the scrubber and passes up through orifices in the tray. Liquor enters the top contact stage and flows across the tray. The gas aspirates the liquor where capture of dust and intimate gas/liquor mixing occurs. The cleaned gas then passes through a mist eliminator and out of the unit top to atmosphere.

Turbulent contact tray scrubbers can be constructed from carbon steel, stainless steel, specialty alloys and plastics. Units are available with capacities ranging from 600 to 300,000 cfm.

Typical Applications

-Absorbtion of SO2, NH3, HCI, HF and CI2 from tail and vent gases.
- Scrubbing and cooling in metallurgical acid plants.
- Exaust gas cleaning in municipal sewage sludge incinerators.
- Gas sub-cooling.
- Scrubbing, drying and cooling in chlorine plants.